Boy Adventure The Game

Boy Adventure The Game, is a platform Puzzle 2D pixel art developed in 3 days

Software Used

  • Unity3D personal edition 2018.2.20f1 x64
  • Aseprite v1.2.9 x64
  • Bosca Ceoil for Windows


  • Movement : A / D or Arrow left and right
  • Jump : W or Space



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I like the overall idea and the style. Would be nice to have a way to mute the music. Waypoints would also be nice. Great work.


Thanks for playing, I'm working on the configuration system and more, coming soon BATG 1.0.1

Interesting concept, needs checkpoints

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Finally beat it, the mechanics are great. The buttons/border is original, intuitive, and brings extra mileage out of every screen; the unusual jump opens exciting new options in level design.

Thanks for playing :), I am working on checkpoint and more, coming soon BATH 1.0.1.

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A very nice little platformer. I've played this about umpteen times and enjoyed it every time. Do you have plans for extra levels, save points?

Well Done

wobblyfootgamer @ Youtube

Wooow thanks for video and thanks for playing :), coming soon BATG 1.0.1, more level, checkpoints, better graphics,  more music, physics fixed, and...

excellent game , really love stuff like this

Thanks for playing :)


A checkpoint would be nice, very nice game and very challenging, nice game mechanic and art style (The boy is cute), but needs more work on the jumping (it feels really weird).

Anyway very nice game in three days, keep up the great work :)


Thanks for playing and sorry for the jump, coming better jump version :)

Very nice!!! :) Thanks!! 


Thanks for playing :)

Really cute, the boy needs to jump better. :)


Wow a review the my game thanks very much for playing, coming better jump version :).